Sunday, October 3, 2010

Is Your Hero A Republican or A Democrat?

   Are you going to vote in the up coming elections and encourage others to do the same? Does voting excite you? Why?

   I have trouble finding a reason why we vote for those among us, whose main goal is to increase the power and size of a governing body that is broken. At the same time, these elected few, criminalize our personal freedoms and take money from our paychecks.  Which candidate is going to change this? They all say they will and we love hoping they will because we're too damn busy working and buying shit at Wal-Mart to get up there and do it ourselves.

   We tend to vote not so much because we think candidate "X" is a revolutionary who will get the government out of our way, but more so, we vote for "X" because we are terrified, if candidate "Y" gets elected things will be so much worse. If we look at the big picture, it doesn't  matter which party gets elected. When a republican is elected taxes still go up, certain personal freedoms are made illegal, violent wars are still waged (at home and abroad), the education system continues to decline and the power of the government grows and grows. When a Democrat is elected taxes still go up, certain personal freedoms are made illegal, violent wars are still waged (at home and abroad), the education system continues to decline and the power of the government grows and grows. For an example click here.

   If we step back, we can see,  that what we have been voting for, is a bully who we can admire as he takes our lunch money and punishes us when we don't pay up. A bully who tells us what toys we can have, and what games we can play. He does however promise to protect us from the other bullies and from ourselves. Since we are so inferior and cannot make intelligent decisions, our bully will tell us who is bad and who is good. That way we don't get confused by other thoughts and perspectives, because these new thoughts might lead to sympathizing with the "bad" guys.

   As we know, the "bad" guys don't give our bully their lunch money and play games that our bully does not like. A lot of the bad guy's games do not revolve around lunch money so they are for "losers". It's only a matter of time before the "losers" get their asses kicked and shoved in a locker. Why even risk trying some new games or new toys?

   What if two bullies took your toy and passed it back and forth over your head? Would you run back and forth with tears in your eyes, begging each one to please give it back, all while the rest of the kids watched? No, you walk away. Have some pride, fuck the toy(not literally), they're just going to take it away again and give it back and so on. It's not worth it.

   If it doesn't matter whether a Republican or a Democrat ends up in the White House, and a third party vote is dismissed by most citizens as throwing away our vote, then what do we do?  We can refuse to participate in the theatrical drama known as the illusion of choice . We can stop watching the campaigns to find out who's going to do this, who said that, which one goes to church, and  which one smoked pot. We can empower ourselves, and lessen the imagined need for government intervention.  Imagine if we spent the same amount of time educating ourselves and volunteering, as we do listening to politicians and defending "our" candidate's policies. We can teach ourselves and others how to be more confident as individual citizens, we can volunteer to change our communities instead of asking the government. We can get to know our neighbors and help each other fix what's broken instead of relying on the government. Empower yourself, don't outsource your power to a system that makes decisions based on securing it's own power and prosperity.

   The more we rely on ourselves and our neighbors for help and advancement, the less significant the government will become. Volunteering on even the smallest levels will empower us and show each other that WE can do it ourselves. There are a few political parties that reflect this idea, The Green Party  being one of them, but until the corporate backed Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are seen for what they are, new parties will not stand a chance.
   If you want to make a difference instead of standing in the corral with a bunch of livestock, then start reading websites on personal freedom, and volunteering. As we help ourselves and our neighbors,  we will watch and feel our power grow.