Sunday, November 27, 2011


You are seducing me with a sweet persistence.
I can not hold out much longer.
I feel and see you constantly,
and when I think about tomorrow,you are all I can imagine.
My heart surrendered to you the first time we met.
So why have I not been acting the way a lover should act?
Pride is the answer,
but pride comforts a man temporarily, like a strong drink, 
and I am growing tired of the hangovers.


The Leap

I know you will be there.
Your soft touch, your gentle presence.
But I am like a child on the side of a pool,hesitating to jump into familiar arms.
My longing for you has grown beyond the fear,so I must jump.
Ready or not,here I come.



I lose myself in you sweet Lover,the way rain is lost in the sea.
I long for your touch,and the subtle whisper of your breath.
Tell me who I am, so I may return to the clouds,
only to fall for you over and over again.



I ask you please sweet Lover,
help me to unfold my many petals,
so I may fully bathe in the energy of your Light.
Your warmth is my love,and your smile is my Light.



You amaze me in the colors you choose and the forms you create.
Your imagination inspires me and floors me all at once.
I am guided by you, the way a rose follows the sun.
I feel you when I smile and even see you through my tears.
Your love cries with me and comforts me when I am lost.
Your subtle ways are more intoxicating than any drink or fruit.
You leave me spinning for days with every embrace.
I am addicted to your presence, the more I taste the more I need.
Kiss me again sweet flower.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Russian Themed Box

The person this was made for, studies Russian history as a hobby. Images on this box include, Russian stamp, Tolstoy, Cossack man & woman, the Kremlin, Russian imperial eagle.

Box was made on 12/24/10

Odds and Ends "Alice" Box

Handmade gift box. I covered a small box in chess board pattern paper,along with illustrations from Lewis Carroll's "Alice In Wonderland". Illustrations were hand cut from a durable, 30% recycled paper, and colored by hand using Prismacolor Premier colored pencils.